Rice Family Privacy Policy

As you interact with the Rice Family Harvest website (or if you give us a call, or if we are lucky enough to regularly see you at farmers’ markets), there is a good chance we will have gained some personal information about you along the way.

Depending on many variables (such as: if you have become a member, have a standing order, have reached out to us via the contact form, or are simply passing through the site on an internet search for greens), we may have gathered some of the following information:

This isn’t a bad thing. We use this information to:

We may also contact you directly if we have a question about an order or think something you have requested may require attention.

That’s the summary - here is the dirt on the details:

Non-Personally-Identifying Information may be gathered via information included in your web browser’s request for a webpage (depending on its settings), including IP addresses, operating systems, browser types, and perhaps the website from which you linked to ours. This information may be augmented with information from Google Analytics, which may use cookies to track your movement through (and interactions with) our site. We use this information to better understand how our website is being used and ways to improve the experience for our website visitors.

Personally-Identifying Information is generally provided directly by you, by filling out one of the member forms on our site, including contact forms, membership forms, order forms and others. We use this information to provide you with the services you have requested.

Billing Information, or specifically in our case, credit-card details, are stored with a third party payment provider (PayPal). These will be used, updated, and deleted as you require – in order to pay for the services requested.

We may occasionally contact you via the contact information you have provided to send service related announcements or inform you of new services that may be offered by Rice Family Harvest that we think you might like. We may also reach out if we feel we need to verify an order, respond to your questions, or ask questions of our own.

We may share your information with third parties when it is required to fulfill the services you have requested.

We may update this policy from time to time, and any changes will be reflected on this page.

As always, if you have any questions – feel free to reach out and contact us.

- Doug & Nancy Rice, your friends at Rice Family Harvest.