Rice Family Harvest Deliveries

Fruits and Veggies - Fresh to your door!

What is Fresh to your Door delivery?

Rice Family Harvest "fresh to your door" delivery is a convenient and timesaving way to get fresh local seasonal fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your door!

Step 1: Create an account!

Let us know who you are, and find out if you are in our delivery area. Be sure to save your spot now!

Step 2: Create a standing order.

Choose between a ½ bushel box or a full bushel box of fresh produce, delivered every week or every other week. Remember, there is no charge to your account until two days before your first delivery!

Step 3: Customize.

Tell us what you like or what you don't - add extra fruit and vegetables from our lists of fresh picked produce - or add items from the farmers' market.

Step 4: Receive a box Fresh to your Door from Rice Family Harvest.

We will regularly deliver to you a great mix of the freshest produce being picked. Just leave your previous box and cool packs out and we will pick them up when we deliver.

Step 5: Adjust

Pause whenever you like, skip deliveries when you are on vacation, and let us know when to send extra tomatoes and sweet corn for your big cookout. You are in control!


Pay a one time startup fee of $25, and then choose a size and frequency that works for you!

Small Box

½ Bushel

Small box of fruit and produce

Suitable for 1-2 people

Available with Fruit and Produce

or Produce only

Large Box

Full Bushel

Large box of fruit and produce

Suitable for 3-4+ people

Available with Fruit and Produce

or Produce only